Parrot S.A.

Parrot S.A.

The listed company was founded in Paris in 1994 and is primarily active in the field of wireless communication. As colorful as the eponymous parrot (french parrot) is also the product range of this manufacturer. Today, the company develops and distributes drones and mini drones as well as devices for voice control, hands-free systems, wireless high-tech headphones and intelligent flowerpots. A subsidiary, Parrot Automative, is a supplier to the automotive industry, developing infotainment platforms and applications.

In the field of aircraft drones, Parrot relies not only on professional services for the agricultural and real estate industries, but also on aircraft for private customers. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas, the company introduced its Parrot AR.Drone, an innovative quadrocopter for hobby and leisure with wireless control. In 2012, Parrot bought into senseFly, a Swiss drone and robotics specialist, which was incorporated into the company and is currently developing the drones for commercial use. The Parrot Bebop Drone caused a sensation in 2014. The very light Multicopter can be flown with an optional Skycontroller, which increases the range of the control up to 2 km.

Parrot is also known and loved for its lightweight but sturdy mini drones. All are controlled via smartphone or tablet via app and are characterized by excellent maneuverability and special skills. The Airborne drones, for example, can carry small loads or fly with LED headlights at dusk. In contrast, the drone Mambo is designed for aerial acrobatics and playful air competitions. A real eye-catcher and technical treat is the 2-in-1 mini drone Parrot Hydrofoil, which is suitable for use on the water and in the air. All Parrot drones are very sturdily designed and optimized for their intended use.

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 & 1.0 Central Cross Repair Kit

Product no.: 2274

Parrot AR.Drone Repair set with screws, nuts and mounting device for a broken central cross

4.80 *
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Parrot Bebop Drone Propeller mounting key

Product no.: 2254

Simple propeller key in different colors for the Parrot bebop Drone 1 and the Parrot Bebop Drone 2

from 2.83 *
In stock
Delivery period: 3 working days

Big LiPo battery case for preheating / Lipo heating box

Product no.: 2151

At temperatures below 18° Celsius, LiPo batteries, such as the DJI Phantom Drone, Mavic or Inspire Drone, should be preheated to 35° Celsius.

229.89 *
In stock
Delivery period: 7-14 working days

USB charger power adapter, Euro power plug

Product no.: 2182

Universal USB power adapter with 1000mA and 5W / 5V output power.

3.49 *
Still in stock
Delivery period: 3 working days

LiPo Safe Bag, 18x22 cm

Product no.: 2175

This bag is made of glass fiber fabric and fireproof. This bag provides reliable protection against LiPo fire!

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