battery disposal

battery disposal

battery disposal


Batteries and electrical appliances must not be disposed of with household waste to avoid environmental damage. To do this, you can return your old batteries free of charge to the public collection points in your community or anywhere where batteries are sold.

You can also hand in your old electrical appliances for free at one of the municipal collection points. In addition, you can hand in old electrical appliances at.

The acceptance of waste equipment may be refused if there is a risk to human health and safety due to contamination.

Waste batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the old unit must be disconnected from the unit prior to delivery.

The sign "garbage bin" means that electrical appliances and certain batteries are separated from household waste and must be disposed of.

You will also find the following information on batteries containing harmful substances:

  • Pb: Battery contains lead
  • Cd: battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: battery contains mercury

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