Underbench weapon holder for Walther P22Q P.A.K. Pistol / Gun Holster (right-handed, black)

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This simple-looking but well thought-out weapon mount for the Walther P22Q 9 mm P.A.K. is intended for mounting under a table. For example, in the shop, in the boutique, at the jeweler, in the gas station under the cash desk or at the service terminal, in the office, in the car or in the camper. Simply in places where you want to keep the detonator pistol, which is optionally loaded with CS gas or pepper gas, inconspicuous and ready to use. Without her being discovered quickly.

The special thing about it! The pistol mount is constructed so that when pulling out the pistol grip and the finger can be created on the trigger. Thus, the self-protection pistol is ready to fire immediately after pulling out. The modern gun mount has also been developed to hold the weight of the self-defense pistol in the slot of the mount. This ensures that the gun can not just slip out when it comes to vibration.

  • Right-handed version
  • Weight about 50 grams


  • Pistol holder in black
  • 2x mounting screws (3.5 x 20 mm)

Our products are not only manufactured to a high technical standard, which is why we decided to use Makerbot® and Formlab® printers. But also with the utmost care, therefore, changes to the article are reserved. But also out of love for technology and people, our prices are calculated fairly for everyone.

When 3-D printing process FDM (melting stratification) one has to pay attention to many influences such as, for example, to draft, room temperature, vibration, or on the quality of the material or the nature of the object. Therefore, the articles may have little optical flaws, but do not affect the function. Although we test regularly on function but still it may happen that something does not quite fit, as well as the component is subject to fluctuations & wear. Please let us know about this pale.

We print our 3D printing articles with the material PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid). This is a thermoplastic bio-plastic, which is obtained from corn. This is guaranteed without heavy metals, plasticizers and bisphenols and therefore biodegradable over the years. You can therefore dispose of the article as required with the household waste. Recycling filament not only reduces the price per item, it also helps the environment without sacrificing product quality. This is ensured by our constant checks and maintenance. Nevertheless, there may be very little color differences for the same product.

PLA is quite sturdy, scratch-resistant and, depending on the type of construction, also very resilient. It also keeps high temperatures dimensionally stable. Nevertheless, over the years, the paint might lose some of its luster, or settle on dirt, or begin to remain permanently in a particular shape, according to its usage. This is one of the normal signs of wear and tear that can occur in the intended use. This includes minor wear on the counterpart. Pay attention to the legal regulations in your respective country.

  • without heavy metals, plasticizers & bisphenols
  • Made in Berlin, Germany
  • Biodegradable
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